Time for a Crazy 8 Shopping Spree!


Crazy 8 currently has 2 awesome sales going on.  I couldn’t resist… and so Zoe & Ana will be getting a few new things to wear before Valentine’s Day. Their clothes are comfy while still being cool and stylish.  They have the  the simple things that Zoe likes… while still having the glitter that Ana […]

Grace in Small Things – 224


5 little things that make me happy 1.  Watching American Idol as a family (it’s the first year we’ve done it). 2.  Listening to the girls talk while they don’t know I’m listening.  “Doing the laundry is pretty fun.”  “Look, that says ‘heavy duuuuty’.  Like doooody.” “Does that say deadly wash?”  “No… de-laaaayed wash” “BUUBBBBLLLLEEEESSSS”  […]

IgniteYourBook.com (awesome deals on eBooks & a giveaway)


Ignite Your Book is THE place for readers and authors to get amazing deals on fantastic eBooks!   If you’re a reader: Ignite Your Book for readers showcases great deals on today’s top eBooks. View all the books on our site and sign up for a free newsletter to ensure you get notified as soon […]

Four of My Favorite Things…

favorite things

1.  I love my Keurig.  LOVE.  Can’t live without.  When the new Keurig 2.0 machines were released I was given one by the lovely people at Keurig.  I haven’t had a reason to use the 5 cup carafe yet.  But… I’m thinking the next couple snow days could give me reason to use it.  And […]

My Experience at the #NYSDairyTour2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 9.45.26 PM

Telling you about my trip… tweet by tweet. [View the story “My Experience at the #NYSDairyTour2014″ on Storify]

Grace in Small Things – 223


5 little things that make me happy 1. Fresh paint on walls. 2. The smell of a new carpet. 3. A reliable “handyman” company with employees that are just honestly nice guys. 4. Ana’s odd love of time.  Knowing what time it is, announcing what time it is, telling how may minutes are left until […]

I’m going to consider it a milestone.

We missed the bus today. I know that might not sound like a milestone to you.  Maybe milestone is the wrong word. We have a first. Zoe is half way through the 4th grade… and it’s the first time we’ve ever missed the bus (without planning to). I’m pretty impressed with myself (and the girls).  […]

Books I’ve Read (December 2014)


*Title link will take you to my review. Pic link will take you to Amazon. So I read 21 books this month.  I’m overdue with 3  book reviews again.  I would have been all caught up if I hadn’t spent the week of Christmas miserably sick (and it really goes without saying… being sick for […]

Grace in Small Things – 222


5 little things that make me happy 1.  Cats with catnip toys. 2.  DayQuil & NyQuil 3.  PJ day, PJ day, PJ day 4.  $6 Movie day. 5. This video… it just makes me smile…