Missing my iMac


So… I’ve been 5 days without our iMac.  While I’m doing just fine with the MacBook… I’m REALLY missing the desktop computer. I’ve gotten used to the track pad… but I like the mouse. There are files and documents downloaded on the iMac that I just can’t access from my laptop now. I’m realizing I’m […]

Grace in Small Things – 219


5 little things that make me happy 1.  Muscle relaxers (ouch… my back… ouch) 2.  The way Bailey walks around the house “talking to her baby” (or meowing at the cat toy she carries around in her mouth). 3.  My MacBook.  It’s been an internet addicts lifesaver while our iMac is (hopefully) getting fixed. 4.  […]

Grace in Small things – 218

5 little things that make me happy 1.  Watching Annie on DVD with Zoe & Ana. (Although I was repeatedly told to stop singing.) 2. Pajama days. 3. 60 degree November days. 4. Glade Merry Citrus Melody scent. (our whole  house smells fruity). 5. Pumpkin flavored anything (pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin latte…….)

Anything else you want me to do?


I’ve been a stay at home mom now for over 9 years.  Each year the girls have been in school… the more I’ve been volunteering.  Usually I’ve been a class mom for one or both of the girls’ classes.  This is the first year since Zoe was 3 that I’m actually NOT a class mom.  […]

Hoping our iMac will get well soon


While  in the middle of writing something the computer screen suddenly become one big pixelated checker board. I turned it off and on.  Then it was a screen covered in stripes.  Kind of like those stripes on baby blankets everyone gets for thei newborns. Then the screen went completely white.  A sad lonely desolate white. […]

Grace in Small Things – 217


5 little things that make me happy 1. Tootsie Rolls 2. Watching the cats chase after fallen leaves as they are being blown in little whirlwinds. 3. A late morning nap when you have a headache. 4. Zoe’s slow but noticeable improvement as she practices her violin. 5.  This video… because the Holderness family is […]

Grace in Small Things – 216


5 little things that make me happy 1.  Getting into the classroom and seeing the kids excited about art. 2. Matinee Club. 3.  Heated car seats. 4. Sangria with my sister-in-law. 5.  Zoe’s blog post from today.

Grace in Small Things – 215


5 little things that make me happy 1.  100 on a spelling test (see… studying DOES help) 2. Crossing things off of a to do list. 3. natural bliss Sweet Cream coffee mate creamer. 4. Being able to read my kindle books on whatever device I have with me and being able to sync up […]

Crumb Books


Oh Ana….  you keep me thinkin’. Ana got off the bus today.  She ran into the house just like every other day… yelling whatever was the most exciting thing for the day.  Sometimes it’s about scheduling a play date.  Sometimes it’s about an assembly.  Sometimes it’s about a drawing.  Sometimes I have no idea what […]