Baby it’s cold outside…

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Another one of my favorite holiday things this year… Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé’s version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.  They just both sing so effortlessly… and they’re so darn cute singing it live for the first time… and even Indina Menzel can forget lyrics.   This video version is fun too.  The kids are […]

I don’t believe anyone likes fruitcake.

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I can tell you I don’t like fruitcake. Has anyone ever had a fruitcake they liked? Have a recipe that even sounds good?

Kitties love Christmas too…

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I’m just seriously hoping Emmett and Bailey don’t get any ideas from Simon!

Forget the Reindeer…

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It’s just not quite the Christmas season until I’ve heard Dominick the Donkey.  (Nick says that’s not true.)  I know… it’s a local thing.  I know… it’s ridiculous.  But… I hadn’t heard this on the radio yet this year… so I actually had to search online for it.  I can move on now. You’re welcome.  […]

Gladsome tidings…

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I was thinking I might try to share some favorite or cool or new Christmas things in the next 2 weeks (12 days ’till Christmas!).  Something Christmas-y every day.    A video… a photo… a whatever I come up with. I’ve always loved this Christmas song… and this video is pretty amazingly done.   Do you […]

Zoe’s and Ana’s 2014 Christmas Wish List

2014 ChristmasLisa

When I was little I was completely into Barbies.  I played with them all the time.  I had a huge box filled with clothes for them… and I had a Barbie Dream House (complete with groovy 70s furniture).  I played with them all the time.  And, having a brother… my Barbies tending to be really […]

Grace in Small Things – 221


5 little things that make me happy 1.  A lunch date with friends at a new restaurant. 2.  Reading holiday romances in December. 3.  Letters that Zoe writes to Joy (our elf on the shelf). 4.  Sheldon Cooper 5.  Nerd jokes…. 54 of them in 4 minutes…

Grace in Small Things – 220


5 little things that make me happy 1.  Everyone sleeping late. 2.  Thanksgiving leftovers. 3.  The excitement my Girl Scout Junior and Daisy troops get over walking in the Madison Holiday Parade. 3.  Joy. (Our Elf on the Shelf drives me a little bonkers… but Zoe and Ana love her) 5.  Coming back into our […]

Missing my iMac


So… I’ve been 5 days without our iMac.  While I’m doing just fine with the MacBook… I’m REALLY missing the desktop computer. I’ve gotten used to the track pad… but I like the mouse. There are files and documents downloaded on the iMac that I just can’t access from my laptop now. I’m realizing I’m […]