Grace in Small Things – 204


5 little things that make me happy 1.  California weather.  (I think I will go there any time you want to send me there.  Or for any reason that comes up.  Or now.) 2. Being surrounded by people that totally understand my social media obsession. 3.  Dancing the evening away with BlogHer friends.  Great thanks […]

Type-A Disneyland


We’re here in California for Type-A Disneyland.  It’s a one day conference (I’m going AND Zoe & Ana are doing KidCon)… and we couldn’t resist making it a family vacation. Last year I went to Type-A Bootcamp in Philly, and Type-A Con in Atlanta… and I know that tomorrow’s bootcamp is going to fill me […]

Grace in Small Things – 203


5 little things that make me happy   1.  Exhaustion on Sunday evening because our first weekend of Summer break was packed with friends, family, and FUN.  (Phew… I’m tired already!) 2.  Starting full blast on the first Monday of Summer Break! 3. Book blogging. I don’t know if you like reading my book review […]

Summer Cash Giveaway!


Welcome to Mama Foster’s Summer Cash Giveaway hosted by Mama Foster with Co-Hosts A Madison Mom, Femme Fitale Fit Club Apparel, Barbaras Beat Blog, and The Body Workout. There is more money to be won!  And really… who can’t use more money?  So tell me… if I handed you a $100 right now, what fun […]

Bittersweet – Thoughts of College


When Bittersweet begins, Mabel is just off to college and is thrilled to be away from home to start a new life.  As excited as she is, she’s also kind of out of her element and struggling to make her way socially.  To say I related to Mabel would barely scratch the surface.  Bittersweet really […]

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


My mother’s day was simple… but pretty perfect. I got to sleep late.  I was brought coffee & and bagel sandwich from Dunkin Donuts.  I was given flowers and cards and hugs and kisses.  My family humored me when I said “all I REALLY want for Mother’s Day is for you all to help me […]

My Mom Is…


**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Celebrate Your Mom with zulily!!! Is your mom a hero, a great cook, an inspiration, your best friend… or something else equally as special? Every mom is one of a kind. zulily wants to hear […]

Tee Fury wants to know… Elsa or Anna?


I suppose I should tell you that I’m, sort of, sometimes, what some people might call a geek.  I have every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD (um… and Angel)(Oh… and that one season of Firefly).  My past TV viewing included Star Trek.  I am an avid fan of most things sci fi.  […]

Sunday Social – 7


So… pet peeves.  I’m afraid I have a ton of pet peeves when I really sit down and think of them. 1. What is your biggest driving pet peeve? People who insist on answering their cell phone or text. Yes, you can crash and die. But before that… you drive slower, or faster, or swervier, […]