Reasons My Kid Is Grumpy


This post was inspired by the novel Reasons My Kid Is Crying by Greg Pembroke who captures frustrating yet hilarious parenting moments through perfectly captioned photos of unhappy kids. Join  From Left to Write on April 15 we discuss Reasons My Kid Is Crying. As a member, I received a copy of the book for review […]

Grace in Small Things – 201

3rd Grade Awesome Art

5 little things that make me happy 1.  Seeing the thermometer read 70 degrees. 2.  Having the doorbell ring repeatedly, and finding neighborhood kids looking for Zoe & Ana to play.  I love our neighborhood. 3.  Checking 3rd Grade Awesome Art off the to-do list for the year.  Again… I do love volunteering… especially in […]

Wordless Wednesday – Sibling

1976 Colleen & Jim

*I’ve been struggling with keeping the personal part of my blog alive and well.  I’ve decided to take advantage of some “writing prompts” being offered by Mel Lockcuff in our Mom Spark Gold Star forum group.  Today’s prompt – Photo post w/ theme: sibling.  

Sunday Social – 6


It’s time for another Sunday Social!  This week is Twitter themed. 1. When did you join twitter? December 4, 2007. CRAZY. (My very first tweet was “I’m trying to avoid watching The Wiggles.” Over 6 years later and I’m still using Twitter to avoid other things.) 2. Who is your favorite non-celeb to follow? For […]

A Madison Mom is on Bloglovin’

blog button

I’ve been seeing Bloglovin’ all over the place lately.  I guessed it was about time I claimed my spot over there. If you use it,  Follow my blog with Bloglovin  

Sunday Social – 5


Happy Social Sunday!!! 1. What is your ideal way to relax? Comfy on the couch with the DVR or a book. 2. Where is your favorite place to be? I would have to say my favorite place to be is at home.  The older I get… the more I just like being home.  But… my […]

Sunday Social – 4


Happy Social Sunday!!!  I’m participating in Social Sunday… and the answers are all in 3s! 1. 3 things you can’t go a day without doing Drinking at least 1 cup of coffee, checking in on all things social media, playing Candy Crush (Oh. My. God. I’m STILL addicted!!!) 2. 3 things that scare you the […]

Grace in Small Things – 200

K Awesome Art 2014

5 little things that make me happy 1.  My 200th Grace in Small Things!  That’s 1000 happy little things to look back on. 2.  Badge Magic.  Why didn’t another Girl Scout leader tell me about this miracle product ages ago? 3.  While I love volunteering (I really do) the moment when a volunteer project is […]

Grace in Small Things – 199


5 little things that make me happy 1.  Today is the last day of Nick’s work trip to Singapore.  He’s on a plane home right now.  It is the last day of 3 weeks in a row of business trips.  LAST DAY! 2.  Watching Zoe & Ana’s faces as we saw Seussical Jr. the Musical […]

Sunday Social – 3


Before answering any of the questions… I just have to say I spent hours looking through piles of old school photos while thinking of these answers.  So many memories! (And the realization that it was horrible not to have a digital camera!!!) 1. Biggest Middle school fashion mistake In middle school?  Oh my gosh… there […]

Grace in Small Things – 198


5 little things that make me happy 1. Happy Birthday wishes from friends on Facebook.  I’ve lost count of how many there have been today.  It’s amazing what a thrill it is just to have people acknowledge your day. 2. Coffee with friends. 3. Melting snow. 4. Starbucks gift cards. They never go to waste […]

Sunday Social – 2


1. Favorite breakfast food Bacon, egg, & cheese sandwich.  Although… when we’re on vacation and go out for breakfast, I always order a cheese and onion omelet with a side of bacon. 2. Best way to spend a free day This could be so many different things.  I’m going to say that when we have […]