Wordless Wednesday – I guess 42 means reading glasses.

Day 4

Wordless Wednesday – 11/14/08

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Wordless Wednesday – 8 years ago today


The Flowers at The Farm at Green Village

I think I could spend an entire day at The Farm at Green Village just walking around taking pictures.  (But then… I might end up spending all of my money on flowers and yard decorations.)    

A Selfie on a Sunday

Day 4 of a 4 day weekend.  Nick has gone to New Orleans.  Zoe, Ana and I are ALL looking forward to school tomorrow.  This is as good as I get for the 10th day of NaBloPoMo.

Favorite Fall Instagrams

I haven’t really shared any instagram photos here recently. I’ve got some favorite fall shots…

Project Life 365 (day 188-194)

Sunday 7/7 (Zoe’s butterfly.) Monday 7/8 (The collector. She likes tiny things.) Tuesday 7/9 (Quiet me time almost always involves a good book.) Wednesday 7/10 (Sometimes we forget she’s still little.) Thursday 7/11 (I’m down the shore. Gonna park my butt in the shade.) Friday 7/12 (All alone on the beach.) Saturday 7/13 (Silly faces.)

Wordless Wednesday – Bird Feeder

Project Life 365 (day 181-187)

Sunday 6/30 (One of Zoe’s favorite art class projects.) Monday 7/1 (Was excited to meet Nidhi at our swim meet.) Tuesday 7/2 (It’s a flip flop day.) Wednesday 7/3 (It’s the season for sandy feet!) Thursday 7/4 (Happy 4th of July!!!!) Friday 7/5 (From a tiny spark.) Saturday 7/6 (The old me sat in the […]