Books I’ve Read (October 2015)

I’ve gotten “stuck” on a box set of romances that I just can’t move on from.  It’s really put me embarrassingly behind on the book reviews that I have (over)due for the book tour groups I’m a part of.  I’m surprised they haven’t kicked me out.  There are seriously about a dozen other books I […]

Books I’ve Read (September 2015)

My book reading has definitely slowed down in the last months.  On 6 this month (and one was a children’s book).  My book calendar is FULL for the next month though… so I guess we should take bets now on how far behind I’m going to get? Have you read anything worth noting lately?  Have […]

Books I’ve Read (July 2015)

July was a pretty slow month for reading.  Only 6 books.  I can’t remember the last month I read 6 or less books.  It was a really busy month for everything else (the kids’ birthday bbq, a long weekend at LBI, BlogHer and Blogger Bash in NYC, a week in Ithaca at my brother’s house).  […]

Books I’ve Read (June 2015)

June was not my best month for reading.  The end of school really seemed to take up a lot of my time this year.  Still… I got in a dozen books (one a children’s book).  I’ve posted all of the read books…. but don’t have links for 1/2 of the reviews yet.  I seem to […]

Books I’ve Read (May 2015)

15 books in May. I’m SO far behind on my book reviews. I think almost 3 weeks behind. Moonflower by E.D.C. Johnson A Change of Scenery by Debra Parmley Embracing Everly By Kelly Mooney Forget Me Not by Jaden Sinclair Catching Cassidy by Melissa Foster To Win Her Favor by Tamera Alexander A Husband for […]

Books I’ve Read (April 2015)

19 books in April… and I am SO far behind in my reading.  I’m shocked that the poor book tour leaders haven’t kicked my butt right out of their clubs.  But I keep reading reading reading. What are you reading? 21 Days by Bethany Lopez Melting Into You by Cassandra Carr Hunter by Mary Harbin […]

Books I’ve Read (March 2015)

17 books this month.  It’s funny to think that 17 books is a slow month compared to some of the months last year.  The Melissa Foster books are still my favorites (and I have a total author crush on Melissa Foster).  But… I really enjoyed a lot of my reading this month.  It forever impresses […]

Books I’ve Read (February 2015)

15 books this month.  Some fantasy, some romance, some historical fiction, some mystery, and a children’s book.  I need to get a little more variety in my books I think… so I’m trying. What have you been reading lately?  Any must-read recommendations?   Climax (The Publicist #3) by Christina George Journey to Aviad by Allison […]

Books I’ve Read (January 2015)

*Title link will take you to my review. Pic link will take you to Amazon. So it’s a new year… and an entire month is already behind us.  Once again my books are already getting away from me.  In every day life I have a problem saying no… and when it comes to books I’m […]