Books I’ve Read (June 2015)


June was not my best month for reading.  The end of school really seemed to take up a lot of my time this year.  Still… I got in a dozen books (one a children’s book).  I’ve posted all of the read books…. but don’t have links for 1/2 of the reviews yet.  I seem to […]

Books I’ve Read (May 2015)


15 books in May. I’m SO far behind on my book reviews. I think almost 3 weeks behind. Moonflower by E.D.C. Johnson A Change of Scenery by Debra Parmley Embracing Everly By Kelly Mooney Forget Me Not by Jaden Sinclair Catching Cassidy by Melissa Foster To Win Her Favor by Tamera Alexander A Husband for […]

Books I’ve Read (April 2015)


19 books in April… and I am SO far behind in my reading.  I’m shocked that the poor book tour leaders haven’t kicked my butt right out of their clubs.  But I keep reading reading reading. What are you reading? 21 Days by Bethany Lopez Melting Into You by Cassandra Carr Hunter by Mary Harbin […]

Books I’ve Read (March 2015)


17 books this month.  It’s funny to think that 17 books is a slow month compared to some of the months last year.  The Melissa Foster books are still my favorites (and I have a total author crush on Melissa Foster).  But… I really enjoyed a lot of my reading this month.  It forever impresses […]

Books I’ve Read (February 2015)


15 books this month.  Some fantasy, some romance, some historical fiction, some mystery, and a children’s book.  I need to get a little more variety in my books I think… so I’m trying. What have you been reading lately?  Any must-read recommendations?   Climax (The Publicist #3) by Christina George Journey to Aviad by Allison […]

Books I’ve Read (January 2015)


*Title link will take you to my review. Pic link will take you to Amazon. So it’s a new year… and an entire month is already behind us.  Once again my books are already getting away from me.  In every day life I have a problem saying no… and when it comes to books I’m […] (awesome deals on eBooks & a giveaway)


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Books I’ve Read (December 2014)


*Title link will take you to my review. Pic link will take you to Amazon. So I read 21 books this month.  I’m overdue with 3  book reviews again.  I would have been all caught up if I hadn’t spent the week of Christmas miserably sick (and it really goes without saying… being sick for […]

It’s Christmas book time…


I thought I would share some of the books that spend 11 months on the top shelf of our bookcase… and just come down for December. Some are Christmas. Some are Winter. All of them are more special because we put them away ALL year. Do you have books you put away and just bring […]