It’s Christmas book time…


I thought I would share some of the books that spend 11 months on the top shelf of our bookcase… and just come down for December. Some are Christmas. Some are Winter. All of them are more special because we put them away ALL year. Do you have books you put away and just bring […]

Little Things Long Remembered (book & giveaway)


About the book: As digital devices take over family life in subtle and seductive ways, what will happen to child development and family bonding when children spend more time with screens than they do at school or with their parents? Life swirls at a hectic pace in most families today. That reality places a high […]

Books I’ve Read (November 2014)


*Title link will take you to my review. Pic link will take you to Amazon. So I read 27 books this month.  I’m overdue with 3 book reviews though.  I can’t seem to catch up with those review due dates. I think I would go with Brickmaker’s Bride as my favorite this month.  Or maybe […]

Books I’ve Read (October 2014)


*Title link will take you to my review. Pic link will take you to Amazon. 31 books this month.  I’ve had a couple friends ask me how in the world I read so many books… and I have no answers.  It’s just become an obsession.  What I do whenever I have a minute to sit […]

Not really a review of Gone Girl (book & movie)

I started reading Gone Girl last night… I read more this morning.  I made it to 48% (reading on kindle)… and then I headed to Matinee Club to see the movie.  I was kicking myself for not having finished reading it before seeing the movie. But… both of my friends wanted to see Gone Girl.  […]

Books I’ve Read (September 2014)


*Title link will take you to my review.  Pic link will take you to Amazon. Technically I read 33 books this month… which is kind of insane.  I had to check a few times to make sure I had actually done an August post and this wasn’t 2 months worth of books.  But… nope… 33 […]

My New Book Site


In January of 2010 I started a blog to list my book reading for a “100 books” challenge.  (A Madison Mom’s Book List) In October of 2012 I decided to merge my book blog, and my product review blog, and my personal blog to a new WordPress site.   (All 3 came to A Madison […]

Books I’ve Read (August 2014)


14 books this month.  A pretty varied list.  A couple of children’s books.  Some romance.  Some historical/political fiction.  Some paranormal. If I had to pick a favorite book this month I think I would have to go with Butterfly Stitching by Shermin Nahid Kruse.  The writing was just beautiful… and the story one I will […]

Books I’ve Read (July 2014)


I topped myself this month.  20 books.  That’s an insane amount of books for one month.  The only reason it happened though?  I flew from NJ to CA and back twice in July.  (Which is also insane, by the way.)  Flights that are 5-6 hours (at minimum… more with layovers) certainly allow for A LOT […]