Grace in Small Things – 233

5 little things that make me happy The fact that when we tell the kids they’re going to sleep over Grandma’s house they rush upstairs and can pack a bag in 15 minutes (not that they DO all the time, mind you… but they CAN). The silence in the house once Grandma and Grandpa drive […]

Julie Klassen’s ‘The Painter’s Daughter’ Coloring Contest

If you’re like me… you love to color.  Now’s you’re chance to win your own coloring books and colored pencils (you don’t even have to share with your kids… because the books say ADULT).  So… get coloring!!! Grab your colored pencils because Julie Klassen is hosting a coloring contest! Stop by the contest page to […]

Grace in Small Things – 232

5 little things that make me happy Hooded sweatshirt weather.  I’m so comfy in a hoodie. The Starbucks app… with auto reload.  As long as I have my phone (which is always) I always have coffee money. Cats that like to snuggle. The hours when Zoe & Ana play like best friends. Wine in the […]

Grace in Small Things – 231

5 little things that make me happy 1. The rare days when every single piece of laundry in the house is clean (except what we’re all wearing). 2. Peach Mango Salsa.  I’m totally addicted. 3. A brand new box of crayons. 4. Purple toe polish.  It’s kinda funky. 5. Sitting and reading for an hour […]

I was in Atlanta a month ago.

A month ago (A WHOLE MONTH AGO) I was in Atlanta for the Type A Parent Conference.  This was my 3rd full Type A conference in Atlanta… and I’ve been to 3 Type A “boot-camps” (Philly, Disneyland, and New York City).   I don’t know that I would consider myself “type a”… but as far […]

What’s in your DVR? I’m fessing up about mine.

I’ve been doing this each year during NaBloPoMo.  It’s become kind of a tradition… and I find it interesting to compare from year to year how many shows we continue to watch… how many of our favorites end… and how many hours we watch (yikes).  Our DVR is currently VERY full.  We’re slowly watching everything… […]

Grace in Small Things – 230

5 little things that make me happy 1. A full DVR. 2. Muscle relaxers when my back decides to spasm. 3. Fuzzy sock weather. 4. The sound of walking through a pile of fall leaves. 5. This video… I can never see enough laughing babies… Day 6

Grace in Small Things – 229

5 little things that make me happy 1. Pajama days. 2.  I’m running out of my “Tarocco Blood Orange” hotel sample shampoo and conditioner my mom “collected” for me while she stayed at the Madison Hotel… but I found out I can but it on Amazon!!!  Yippee! 3. Melissa Foster romance novels.  I swoon. 4. […]

Wordless Wednesday – I guess 42 means reading glasses.

Day 4