Tee Fury wants to know… Elsa or Anna?

I suppose I should tell you that I’m, sort of, sometimes, what some people might call a geek.  I have every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD (um… and Angel)(Oh… and that one season of Firefly).  My past TV viewing included Star Trek.  I am an avid fan of most things sci fi.  I recently took Zoe & Ana to the local comic book store… and I actually wondered why we didn’t go there more often.  I’m teaching myself (slowly) to do coding so I can tweak my blog.  I “get” at least 90% of all of the references on Big Bang Theory.  If I let myself… I could easily get sucked into being a gamer girl.  I kind of wish I could swap my wardrobe out for all retroish and cool (geeky) t-shirts.  I could go on… but let me stay with the cool (geeky) t-shirts.

Everyday I get an e-mail from Tee Fury.  It’s always a fun minute in my day.  If you are anything like me… you should click on over to Tee Fury and sign up for their e-mail.  They have the normal t-shirt shopping… but what makes Tee Fury fun is their TwoFuryBattle!

It’s pretty simple. Two awesome designs for sale at the same time, competing for most tees sold in 24 hours. Check the battle stats to see who’s in the lead and rally the troops to help your favorite design pull ahead!

Today’s battle?  Elsa vs. Anna.  Who will win?  Who who who?

Frozen TwoFury

Honestly… the question really isn’t Elsa or Anna.  The question is… should I buy these t-shirts for Zoe and Ana, or for myself?  And an even better question?  Who will be battling tomorrow?  Thank goodness I get my Tee Fury e-mail to tell me!

So yeah… I’m a geek.  But come on… aren’t we all a little bit?


  1. Anna does have more intricate clothing ^_^

  2. I am a proud nerd myself sooooo lol… and I say buy them for yourself 😀

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