If I lay here… you WILL pet me.


I would say “optimistic much?”… but in actuality she is just right.

Of course if she lays there and just looks at me like that long enough I will stop what I’m doing and pet her.  Of course I will.


  1. Oh, yes you must pet the kitty’s tummy! Our Kitty has zeroed in when the elliptical beeper goes off at the end of the time. She knows I will be on the floor stretching, so she comes down and plops down so I can pet her as I am obviously just sitting on the floor! :)

    • It’s so funny how they learn exactly when is a good time to insist on getting pet. Of course… if you saw my pics yesterday you’ll see that Emmett doesn’t care if it’s a good time or not. lol

  2. awwww she looks so sweet! <3

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