Photos of Long Beach Island, NJ – July 2012 (post #2)

We go to LBI almost every summer for at least a long weekend.  This was a second full post of photos I found just sitting in my list of drafts.  Forgotten.  Since Hurricane Sandy I’ve been thinking of our NJ Shore vacations quite a lot.  I’m looking forward to getting back there.

Ana sitting in the sand


Nina – Beach Haven


Larisa – Beach Haven


Taking in the waves in Beach Haven


Zoe – Beach Haven


Inside a seashell


Nick in a shell


Alex – Beach Haven


Grandpa in the seashell (ok… I’m done with the shell…. )


Ana with Aunt Andrea


Ana with Grandma… finally in the water.


Spontaneous yoga? tai chi? flamingos? (OK… I’m not quite sure what was happening.)


I still don’t know… but it went on for quite a while.


Pink cheeks


More pink cheeks


Larisa… my oldest niece.


Silly Ana… what is going on with your hair and the wind?




NJ Shore


Zoe & me




Alex – my only nephew


The shore… Beach Haven, LBI






Nina & Zoe


Larisa and her friend Alexa


And with one last sandy handstand our beach weekend was over.



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