Photos of Long Beach Island, NJ – July 2012 (iPhone)

I was looking through my posts and realized there were a number of things I never published as I was transferring my blogs over.  They were all just sitting there as 1/2 completed drafts.

There were 2 posts full of LBI photos from our trip this past summer.  I follow a number of LBI businesses and restaurants on Facebook… and since Hurricane Sandy I’ve been glad to see photos and updates of how our favorite beach town is putting itself back together.

These photos have me thinking of our next trip down the shore (hopefully next summer!).

Beach Haven


Breakfast at Uncle Will’s Pancake House


Ice cream at ShowPlace


Loves the ice cream… not a huge fan of the show.


Nick & Colleen – Beach Haven, LBI


Our happy (ice cream filled) family!


Nina & Ana… sleeping buddies


Jetty – Beach Haven, LBI






Next up… I’ll share the 2nd bunch of LBI photos (from my camera… not the phone!)


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