Raggedy Anne – 1974 & 2012


1974 – Raggedy and me

Pretty smart huh?  Install swing inside… continue construction work…  kid stays safe and out of the way.  That’s me in the swing.  That’s Pop George in the background.


I think Raggedy Anne is looking pretty good for being almost 40 years old.


  1. Amanda Wood Klier says:

    Mom and Dad gave Ellie Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls for her birthday last year along with a hand-painted Raggedy Anne pendant on a gold chain that my great-aunt made and gave me when I was little. Ellie loves to wear that necklace now. Do you still have your books about them? Mine are long gone, but I am looking for them to share with Ellie now.

  2. I love that connection with the past. I still have one or two of my original toys but I am afraid they are all looking VERY much the worse for wear :-(…a bit like their owner ;-D

    • I do love when I can match a very old pic up with a current one.
      I wish I was holding up as well as Raggedy Ann!!!

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