Grace in Small Things – 227

5 little things that make me happy I haven’t done a GiST post since April.  Really…. I haven’t done much blogging at all since April.  At least… not like I used to.  (And REALLY not like I used to when I started).  I just seem to be saying everything other places.  (Seriously… Facebook killed my […]

Mindprint Learning can help you understand how your child learns best.

I recently had the opportunity to try out Mindprint Learning with Zoe.  I was provided with a 1 year subscription, so that I could try out the service in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own. Mindprint Learning was started by a married couple (Nancy & Eric Weinstein) who wanted know more […]

Touch Coffee and Beverages (giveaway)

I was recently offered the opportunity to try out a new Touch Coffee & Beverages brewer.  I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to try a new machine… but we had recently just gotten another new brewer.  So… I decided to pass on the coffee love to my Sister-in-Law, Erica. While the type […]

Let’s get the ball rolling on laundry…

*I was provided with a Downy Ball in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own. Laundry?  It’s not my favorite thing.  Although I DO love freshly folded laundry from the dryer.  I just wish there was some magic button… or that I had a robot (like Rosie on The Jetsons) to perfectly […]

Books I’ve Read (August 2015)

8 books in August.  At least 4 of them were longer than the usual books I’ve been reading.  I loved them… but they were definitely books with more depth in writing. Do you have any good books to share this month?  Anything you think I should absolutely read?   Discovering Delilah by Melissa Foster Healed […]

Jenkinson’s is more fun with a friend! (giveaway)

As a Jenkinson’s Ambassador I was provided with a voucher for my visit.  All opinions expressed are my own. We took Ana to Jenkinson’s Boardwalk 4 times last Summer… and she had fun each time.  But, Ana hasn’t ever been a HUGE fan of the beach or rides… and I didn’t think she would ever […]

Books I’ve Read (July 2015)

July was a pretty slow month for reading.  Only 6 books.  I can’t remember the last month I read 6 or less books.  It was a really busy month for everything else (the kids’ birthday bbq, a long weekend at LBI, BlogHer and Blogger Bash in NYC, a week in Ithaca at my brother’s house).  […]

And now Ana’s 7!

Books I’ve Read (June 2015)

June was not my best month for reading.  The end of school really seemed to take up a lot of my time this year.  Still… I got in a dozen books (one a children’s book).  I’ve posted all of the read books…. but don’t have links for 1/2 of the reviews yet.  I seem to […]